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How are your goals going?

How are your goals going?  Still inspired, or has the new in the new year worn off?  Me, I’m still inspired, at least with my quilting goals.  Let me share.  🙂

Quilt for Comforters

Quilt for Comforters

I have completed TWO UFO’s.  I am so tickled, I’m bouncing.  The third one is lined up and ready to go and it should be an easy one. It’s from a Susan Else class I took 3 or 4 years ago.  It’s already almost done.  The guild website is updated as of 2/26.  Today I will add the newsletter, directory, and some workshop pictures.  I have a calendar with scheduled posts for Facebook and MyGrove (a social app that is private, pretty cool actually).  I consider myself very active in the QGGH.  Besides being the webmaster, I also am the Advertising Coordinator, (so if you want to advertise in our newsletter….), and Circulation Chair.  I also prepare the slides for our meetings.  I am the Volunteer Coordinator for the show in May.

UFO started in 2005 or 2006

UFO started in 2005 or 2006



Quilts promised, I completed the customer quilt on time and am working on a lap quilt for a cousin’s granddaughter.  I’m hoping to have the top together by the weekend.  One of my UFO’s was a quilt for Comforters (yay!).  I’ve been to most of the Boll Weevil meetings this year.  I need to finish the quilts I have from past Boll Weevils, before taking more….

Blogging has been sporadic, but I haven’t really had much to share.  Hoping to have a more steady stream.  We’ll see.   My Learning Spanish is gung ho, then it slows down.  I think the issue is not enough repetition in the lessons.  Or else, it’s not sinking in.  Maybe it’s too many words to remember and I need to use them more…I will figure it out, because I want to be bilingual!  Then I want to learn to speak Cajun French!

That is the end of my goal list.  Haven’t done anything with health, music, and Brigetta.  But the year is young.

God Bless!


I Figured It Out!

I know why I seem to be getting things done.  I haven’t watched TV.  No Gibbs and no Bull.  Then there’s Criminal Minds.  That’s 3 hours.  It used to be more.  But lately, none of the shows seem to offer what I like in a tv show…action, adventure, an ounce of humor.  I know I’m different than the average bear here, but I detest the 30 minute things they call comedies.  Every now and then they are ok, but week in and week out?  No thank you.  Then another is the “reality” shows.  Really?  Reality?  nope.  not buying.  I would love another good Star Trek, or Babylon 5.  Anyway, I’ll catch up on my 3 favs this weekend.

I know this one is short, but after the novels you’ve been reading this should be a nice change.  I will try to publish at a scheduled time.  It used to work like a charm, but this year, it’s not working like I think it should work.  I have one more try before I contact the help desk…(I’m writing this on the 5th and want to publish on the 6th.)

God Bless!

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Friday Lookback

Hello Friends,

Hope you are looking forward to the weekend.  On Fridays, I will take a moment to look back where I have been.  This could be a week, a month, a year or years.  Today, I’m looking back to the start of 2014.  Like so many years past, I have big plans and goals.  I write them down, I plan how I will implement them, and then hello February and welcome to life.  Plans get blown away.

But this year something different happened.  I read a book by David Allen.  Getting Things Done.  Another organizational book, yea, I’ve read tons of those in hopes of finding the “secret”.  Well David stresses “What’s the next action?”  What needs to be done to move this project or task forward?  If it takes more than one action, then it is a project.  Big are small, he instructs his readers to “collect” everything bouncing around in his/her brain and place in an “in” box.   My “in box” is the top of my desk.  I filled it full.  Whatever I thought of, I wrote on a sheet of paper and placed it in my “in box”.  I went thru my studio.  If something was not where it was going to stay, I put it in my “in box”.

Now the fun begins.  You gotta go thru that “in box” and process everything.  Oh Boy.  Well, really all you have to do is figure out the “next action” that will move it to completion.  Ok.  Here’s a simple one.  Dry Cleaning.  What’s the next action?  It’s already in a pile on my cedar chest.  The next action is get it to my truck!  So once the clothes are in my truck, this goes in the “Errand” folder.  When I’m out and drive by the Dry Cleaners, guess what, yep, dry cleaning is in the truck, ready to drop off.

I kept going, never putting any piece of paper or item back in the “in box”.  There are other folders to help you out.  A tickler works great and I added a few folders.  My Beach House, WIP’s, UFO’s and What’s inside my head.  I think I will add a What’s in the bag for all the projects I’ve put in a bag and stuffed in the top of my closet!

I did reach the bottom of my “in box” and “giddy” is the best word to describe how I felt.  Rejuvenated, sure.  Powerful, you betcha!  Proud, yes indeedy!

David does not separate the different aspects of your life, and I didn’t either.  Whether, I have work to do for the real estate agent I work with, work for my husband, or something I want to do for myself, it still needs to be done.  They all go to the “in” box to be processed.

Then, you have to actually “do”.  But I was so excited that I knew what needed “doing” for all the stuff cluttering my head, that it was easy to go ahead and “get things done”!

I also did this for my email.  Wow, no more searching for that email that came in who knows when.  It’s been processed and I know what the next action is.

If you want to check David Allen out here is his website.  http://www.davidco.com

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Quilting, Mary

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