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How are your goals going?

How are your goals going?  Still inspired, or has the new in the new year worn off?  Me, I’m still inspired, at least with my quilting goals.  Let me share.  🙂

Quilt for Comforters

Quilt for Comforters

I have completed TWO UFO’s.  I am so tickled, I’m bouncing.  The third one is lined up and ready to go and it should be an easy one. It’s from a Susan Else class I took 3 or 4 years ago.  It’s already almost done.  The guild website is updated as of 2/26.  Today I will add the newsletter, directory, and some workshop pictures.  I have a calendar with scheduled posts for Facebook and MyGrove (a social app that is private, pretty cool actually).  I consider myself very active in the QGGH.  Besides being the webmaster, I also am the Advertising Coordinator, (so if you want to advertise in our newsletter….), and Circulation Chair.  I also prepare the slides for our meetings.  I am the Volunteer Coordinator for the show in May.

UFO started in 2005 or 2006

UFO started in 2005 or 2006



Quilts promised, I completed the customer quilt on time and am working on a lap quilt for a cousin’s granddaughter.  I’m hoping to have the top together by the weekend.  One of my UFO’s was a quilt for Comforters (yay!).  I’ve been to most of the Boll Weevil meetings this year.  I need to finish the quilts I have from past Boll Weevils, before taking more….

Blogging has been sporadic, but I haven’t really had much to share.  Hoping to have a more steady stream.  We’ll see.   My Learning Spanish is gung ho, then it slows down.  I think the issue is not enough repetition in the lessons.  Or else, it’s not sinking in.  Maybe it’s too many words to remember and I need to use them more…I will figure it out, because I want to be bilingual!  Then I want to learn to speak Cajun French!

That is the end of my goal list.  Haven’t done anything with health, music, and Brigetta.  But the year is young.

God Bless!


Kiss the Frog

Well, what a whirlwind to get my last 3 projects, DONE!  Successful am I!  Woke up this morning not really motivated to DO anything.  Was wondering, why?  I’m on a roll, come on Mary Lou, let’s get going!  What’s the problem? Ummm, what’s the problem?  Am I the type person that has to have a deadline to get moving?  Or was I just sleepy and wanting more sleep?  I was really sleepy when I woke up this morning.  Most mornings I am, but I keep waking and have really weird dreams, so I give up and get up.

Goal for this morning, figure out why I’m not motivated.  Too much housework? nah, Thursdays are a light day for housework.  Well, what do I need to get done?  Slides for the meeting.  Clothes to launder.  Practice for Pasadena Philharmonic.  Taxes…o h, y e a h.  TAXES.  But wait, I just need to gather the tax docs going to the IRS, like W-2’s, Insurance, and interest.  Pshaw, that’s easy.  Ok, feeling a little inspiration here.

In real estate there is a saying, most likely in all sales, Kiss the Frog first thing in the morning.  For those that don’t get it, do the task you like the least first, then the rest of the day will be a prince.  But me, that’s not enough to get me out of bed, and puppy was sleeping hard, no help there….I worked on my Cotton Candy blocks first.  Then I moved on to taxes, finished that step (tomorrow, it’s look for receipts.) and the rest of my day has been fun.

Hope all your frogs bring you prince like days!  God Bless


Working my Plan

Feeling pretty good about where I am in my goals for 2017.  I’ve finished 2 UFO’s.  One is for Comforters, so that one is a two for one.  Not sure what my next UFO will be, most likely my grand niece’s.  Right now I started a “promised” quilt for my cousin’s granddaughter.  Hoping I have lots of time to work on it this week and it may be ready to quilt by the weekend.  I finished the embroidery stitches for my Jane Sassaman piece, Mending Heart.  It is basted and ready to quilt.  I want to hurry and get it done, but I want to make my self take the time to practice quilting stitches.  I’ve planned out what I want in each section.  So after I’ve done the 9 patches for the disappearing 9 patch, I’ll quilt Mending Heart.

I have 2 birthday blocks and a Shoebox block to do.  This is the last month of our Shoebox challenge.  We start another in April.  My fabric for the next challenge is ready to go!  I need to finish 2 bee comforter quilts to be up on that goal.  I will focus on one and see where it leads.

I was gone last weekend to visit a friend I’ve known since childhood.  I stopped my Spanish lessons and haven’t started back, but maybe tonight might be a good time to start again.  I’ve been practicing for my concert in Pasadena.  I always feel so empowered when I have a good practice session.  My shoulder is holding up, but then I don’t practice hours.  Helps having just one orchestra and not 2 or more.

The website I manage is up to date with all the pictures and events.  I’ve added the pages I needed to add.  It is ready for the next meeting.  Taxes are in the process of being done.  I’ve done the challenging parts, the rest is just fill in the spread sheet.

One month gone and the second is half way through.  Where are you in your goals?  I’m still pumped about getting mine done.  🙂

God Bless!

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Staying on Track

It’s mid-January and I thought I would take a quick peek at my goals…I know I should have them in front of me, but they are in a file on the computer.  I should print before I close the file.  ANYWAY, I’m doing ok.  I have a finished project already for 2017.  It’s not a UFO, but it was never in the UFO pile.  I have a comforter quilt that should be done by guild, only the binding left.  I have another top that needs borders quilted, label and binding and it’s done.  I sew 15 minutes almost every day.

So, why do I not sew 15 minutes everyday?  Life, work…real estate is taking more of my time.  So something has to give and regretfully, it is sewing.

My guild website is up to date with all the info I have.  I am working on a “how to” page for community rewards programs and am waiting for more info.

I blog, but not 5 days a week.  Again, Life happens, plus when I blog is usually late night or early morning. I’ve been choosing to sleep! haha.

Haven’t looked at Corel Draw or learning new things on Brigetta.  Don’t want to be a whiney baby, but my shoulder hurts when I play the violin, therefore, I don’t want to.  I will try for 15 minute intervals this next week.

I walk Freckles everyday.  It’s kind of hard to turn him down, he’s so sweet!  I do do Spanish, but it’s about 5 minutes…one DuoLingo Lesson.

This week I will focus on 15 minutes of sewing, violin practice, blogging and Spanish.  Wish me luck!

God Bless


Five Days In

I missed a day of blogging, but I’m right back on that horse.  Tuesday night I was working quick as I could to get Pa-Tune-ya ready for bee.  She’s quilted and impressed everyone. 🙂

Laid out ready for embellishing

Laid out ready for embellishing

I don’t have a pic of her done, at least not on my computer.  I will work on that, but I’ll post on Instagram soon.  Last night I worked on the binding and the label.  So she’s ready for our next road trip.  Still have to thread the needles.

Someone was wondering how my room would look after my first project.  Well, I consider Pa-Tune-ya the first one of the year and my room is looking pretty good…

Cutting Table…Clean

Cutting Table…Clean

Cutting Table was cleared before bedtime.  That wasn’t really too challenging.  The room is next for the de-clutter, which is challenging, because the furniture you see goes in the master, which will be the first to room to paint after the bathrooms are done.  I pulled the furniture out of the master in prep of cleaning the carpets, then decided to remodel….so nothing is where it should be, well almost nothing….

My studio is still looking pretty good.  The sewing station and desk are clear.

Sewing Station ready for sit down and sew.

Sewing Station ready for sit down and sew.

I did sit down and sew for 15 minutes this morning.  I’m really wanting to finish the top I’ m working on, but I’m trying to just work on it for 15 minutes at a time.  Thank you Debbie Caffrey.  Her Power Cutting Too Class was the best.  My accuracy has increased by following her directions.

Desk is ready for work!

Desk is ready for work!

My desk, which also acts as a table top for stuff is ready for me to sit down and work.  This is where I write my posts and work on real estate stuff from the agents I assist.  Not the best set up, but it works.

Ironing Station and Fabric Storage

Ironing Station and Fabric Storage

The Fabric Storage top is the messiest part of my space.  I worked on that label last night and didn’t pick up my toys.  It will be done.

I worked on my Spanish last night before bed.  DuoLingo is great.  I use it on my iPad and each lesson takes maybe 5 minutes, so instead of playing BubbleWitch or some sort of Find Hidden Objects game, I play DuoLingo!  You know it helped a little with the plumbers that did the manual labor, between their English and my Spanish, we communicated decent.  They seemed tickled that I tried to speak Spanish.  Then I think maybe they pretended to understand?  Oh well.  I will only get better with practice!

Haven’t missed a walk with Freckles.  I have some things to put on the guild website and hope to get it done before bed tonight.  A friend keeps telling me to take just two or three of these goals and work on them.  I understand.  I’m tempted, but which ones do I choose?  I look at them and see I do a lot of it anyway, just timing needs to improve.  Follow thru needs to happen.  The only one that takes a chunk of time is the 4 hours of sewing, and if I am successful with this, then I will succeed with all my sewing goals.  If I succeed with all my sewing goals, chances are I’m sewing 4 hours a day or more.  So, I’m going to keep going with my plan and always be kind to me when I reflect on my progress.

God Bless!



Happy New Year

Hope today was the start of a great year for you.  It was for me.  I sewed 4 hours, well most of the day.  I did take a nap and I did walk Freckles.

Frequent Visitor looking for treats

Frequent Visitor looking for treats

He is my 4 legged baby and he’s just so dang cute!  It rained yesterday and our backyard, thanks to the plumbers, who have finished up, (yea!) is a mess of mud.  DH let puppy out this morning (5 AM) and he came back in with mud all over his paws.  If you know me, then you know I like to sleep late, well I got up and cleaned up the mud.  DH cleaned the paws.  It was not a pleasant experience, but we survived and the day only got better.

I’ve got all my embellishments on my Happy Cow, now I’m ready to quilt….But….I need to clear off my basting table.  It was next on the de-clutter list anyway, but I’m getting sleepy and wanted to post so am taking a break from sewing and de-cluttering.  See my Instagram post.

I’ll keep this one short.  The last two were on the long side.  Have a Blessed, Happy, Productive, whatever you wish kind of year.  Hope you follow along with me and see where I end up.  I’m planning on posting the whole year this time.  This is try #3.  I’ve heard it’s the charmed one.

God Bless!

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Evaluation 2016 Goals and Objectives

I posted my 2016 goals on December 30, 2015.  Now, it is time for reflection.  Um, some good, some not, but it’s a start.  I had lofty goals for 2016.  I’m working on the ones for 2017.  They will most likely be lofty, too!  So I have put in Italics my evaluation of how I did.  I started this to be accountable, to have a record of where I was.  I wanted to change my life for the better, still do.

Goals for 2016


I will make a list of my UFO’s.  This list will include UFO’s on Tiki and Houston, and the ones in my sewing closet on the top shelf.  I will choose 12 for 2016.  I will complete 6.  I will continue with this goal until the UFO’s are complete.  I will do my best to complete any projects I start in 2016.  I will sew 4 to 8 hours a day.

Whoo Hoo!  2/5/16  I have my UFO List complete!  I have 51 UFO’s.  4 have been completed.  So now I am down to 47!  I also have 31 projects with Fabric and 13 WIMH’s.  I have chosen 12, well more than 17 actually, but several are just one step away from completion!  

I accomplished a lot at the beginning of the year, but then progress slowed.  But a good start!


The website will be updated in a timely manner.  The new info will go up within a week after the old expires.  Pictures will be uploaded within 2 – 3 days of receipt.  I am proactive in getting info needed for the updates.  The website will be error free.  I have at least one proofer to proof my work.  Each page on the website will be improved with pictures, graphics and colors.

Didn’t really do too well on this one.  I am better about updating in a timely manner, but was not proactive in getting stuff for website.

Facebook postings are planned and prepared.  I continue to like and comment on others’ posts.  Facebook Page postings are planned and prepared.  Facebook page postings include info on meetings, workshops, speakers and how to join the guild.

This went OK, but could be improved in 2017.

I participate in more activities in the Guild.  Charity Quilt Days, Community Service and Activity Corner.  I attend Friday meetings.

I did do this!

Quilts Promised

I finish the quilts I’ve promised to others.  I make a list of all promised quilts.  The list includes project name, recipient, where I am in the process, what is needed to move forward, and a time frame for completion.

I have made the list of all promised quilts.  I know what I need to move forward on these.  Didn’t move forward.  Something to work on for 2017!

Charity Quilts

I make one charity quilt a month for Comforters.  I give the baby quilts I have to the Gabriel Project and make 6 more.  This is separate from my goal of one per month.  I attend Boll Weevils twice a month and take tops to quilt and put together.  I encourage my bee to reach its goal of 100 quilts for comforters.

I was not very successful with this goal.  I did give the quilts to Gabriel Project, but did not make anymore.  I did not make a charity quilt a month.  I did attend more Boll Weevils and I was encouraging to my bee to reach 100.  I don’t think we did it, but we were close!  I’m waiting for the final count.

Business Plan

I blog 5 days a week.  I post videos.  I have 50 followers.  My website is up to date.  I pass out business cards to everyone I meet.  I sew 4 hours a day.  I devote an hour a day to planning and working my business.

Did not do this thru the year.  I blogged everyday for about 3 months.  I have 20 followers.  My website is non-existant.  It is challenging for me to give my business cards to anyone, friend or foe  I did not sew 4 hours a day.  I did the planning an hour  a day for about 3 months.


I know how to use my Bernina 880 and her accessories.  I know how to embroider, oil, and clean my machine.  I know and use the different features, I understand and use Corel Draw.  I incorporate learning the machine and software into my blog.

This is another goal that went bust.


I play my violin/piano confidently for others.  Any solos are played clear and strong.  I complete the Practice Hack course.  I practice violin and piano 4 to 5 times a week.  I play in a quartet.  My bow hold and violin hold are relaxed.

I did not do the practice hack.  I have been rethinking  my music career.


I am healthy.  I weigh 210 pounds.  I make healthy eating decisions.  I combine a carb and protein.  My portion sizes are the “suggested” portion sizes.  I cook healthy and tasty meals.  I swim 5 times a week.  I walk Freckles every day.  I do my core and stretch exercises every day.  My core is strong and I am limber.

I did not work on my health hardly any.  I have a plan for 2017.


I speak and read Spanish.  I work with Duolingo 15 minutes a day, 5 times a week.

This one started out slow, then it began happening.  I tapered off for a while, but am back at it again.

How do you think I did?  BE NICE!  I’m very easy on myself and give me an A for effort and a B for implementation.  Some things went well, but life happens and some things get put on back burners.  So go easy on yourself!  And share how you did with goals of 2016.

God Bless!


TaB Workspace

I took a break from my habits that I have been working to build, this weekend.  Did most of them on Monday, and Tuesday took a break from almost all of them.  Today, I paid for it.  It was more work getting caught up than if I had done them at the normal time.  Will I slack off again?  Most likely, but now I know to really think about what I will have to do to get “caught back up”.

That said, I think I needed the break.  I feel renewed.  Taking the break, I was able to focus on my studio.  I have always loved my studio ever since we remodeled it years ago…2005 maybe?  The walls are a lovely teal, tile floor (don’t like that) but better than carpet.  A nice closet with shelves, peg board and cutting station.  My fabric is in Elfa shelves so I can see it and be inspired.

Lately, it has become cluttered.  True, I have stuff from another room in it and it will be that way for a while.  My husband said I had mountains.  He walked in, laughed and said, “Where did the mountains go?”

So not doing the “daily chores”, I was able to focus on a “project”, my studio and now I feel like I can actually work in here.  In fact I’ve moved back in.  (I was at the dining room table.)

I have started in on Spanish, a little.  I think my hang up is the grammar.  Singular vs. plural, the tenses.  I get so confused.  I don’t want to go further til I get it figured out.

The other goal I need to get started on is the practice hack and quartet still hasn’t happened.  Everything else is moving forward!

Hope your goals are moving forward!  God Bless!

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TaB Swimming

Prairie Girl

Prairie Girl

Disappearing 4 patches

Disappearing 4 patches


Sue Spargo Piece

Sue Spargo Piece

Saturday At the Improv, ready to sew the binding down.

Saturday At the Improv, ready to sew the binding down.





Well, I feel like I’m treading water really fast when it comes to this blog.  I’m writing tomorow’s the night before.  Friday’s will most likely be written on Thursday….It’s Tax Season, and I have begun gathering all the info we need to give to our CPA.  It’s a lot easier than when I was in real estate, but it’s still a pain…

I am swimming, at a pool, 2 days this week.  My weight is below 240, only by a pound, but hey, small victories!  Next goal is 230.  I can just feel that this is going to happen this time.  I am successful in my weight loss.  I do it right, so that I don’t gain it back after all the work has been done.  There will be about 5 days a month I don’t swim, not counting weekends.  Maybe I will make them up on some Saturdays!

The concert this past weekend was a success.  It was the best we had played the music.  I don’t think I did all that great, but it was physically challenging and I am glad it is over!

As Publicity Chair for my guild, I’ve been going to quilt shops and dropping off our postcards with our Opportunity Quilt and info about our guild.  I am way outside my box when I do this, even asked one shop if we could display our quilt and sell tickets during shop hop.  Another guild beat me to it.  Asking others for something is so challenging for me.  Don’t know why, but it’s why I wasn’t good in real estate.  You have to ask for someone to use you as their realtor.  You have to tell everyone you see you are in the business.  So that being said, if you want an opportunity to win our lovely quilt, email me.  I’ve got tickets!  haha!  Of course, I think most of my readers are members of the same guild as me!  🙂

Not much time for sewing, hoping next week is better.  How’s your sewing and goals going?

God Bless!

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TaB UFO Count

Top ready for basting.

Top ready for basting.

51.  That was the number of my UFO’s January 1, 2016.  I was thinking it was going to be triple digits.  Cleaning out my studio closet, I found treasures!  Burp Rags, (DONE) I talked about in my post yesterday.

Bright Colorful baby quilt top

Bright Colorful baby quilt top

But I also found a small pineapple quilt top in gorgeous, bright colors.  All it needs is a border and it’s ready for quilting!  Day at the Improv, is ready for basting.  Mardi Gras Crazy quilt is ready for embellishing.   Three Sisters (pictured at the top) is a top and I have the backing and label ready to go!  These are just a few and most are close to finish!

A wall hanging ready for basting!

A wall hanging ready for basting!

31. That is the number of projects I have planned but not started.  I have the pattern and fabric or I have a kit.  UFO goal is well on the way!

One of my goals —

I finish the quilts I’ve promised to others.  I make a list of all promised quilts.  The list includes project name, recipient, where I am in the process, what is needed to move forward, and a time frame for completion.  It is a little further along now!

I found the quilt tops and fabric for quilts I’ve promised to others.  For my best friend since I was 7, I have 3 tops that her mom did ready for backing and basting.  Her mom and my mom were best friends.  They did a lot of things together, and I’m thinking I’m seeing some of our little girl clothes in the blocks!

I haven’t worked on charity quilts this week, except for the Burp Rags.  But I have 5 quilts for the Gabriel Project, so I am halfway there on that part of it.  I haven’t completed a comforter quilt for January.  February, it’s early, so I’m hoping I do better.  For my bee, I have 2 sets ready to be made into tops and my string piecing, is almost a complete set.

Business plan is hanging on by a thread!  I’ve kept the blog going, but this post is last minute.  It’s the Tuesday before it posts.  I finished’s Wednesday’s just a few minutes ago.  This weekend I have a concert, so having time to catch up on posts will be a challenge.  I will just keep plugging away and maybe some of it will get done.  Already, I feel the pull to go practice….

Brigitta, music and health goals are holding steady.  No progress, really, but not falling back either.  I did practice a Spanish lesson this weekend between rehearsals!  But once is not enough to make what I learned stick….

I am determined to make these goals a reality.   Are your goals still on track?

God Bless!

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