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Sew Day!

on January 18, 2017

It is a sew day, except I’ve signed up for a guild workshop.  The weather is horrendous and class has been delayed 2 hours….Freckles is going into daycare.  Hoping I don’t run into flooding.  I don’t do well with wet roads and usually decide to stay home, but I’ll go slow, watch for high water, and stay cool, calm and collected….Collected?  Where does that come from?  Is it the right word?  Am I remembering the saying wrong?

Not much going on in my quilting world with quilting.  I quilted two quilts at Quilt Your Own last week.  Then, I’ve been busy getting spreadsheets ready for guild meeting for sign ups to volunteer for our quilt show in May.  Joy of Quilts, May 5 and 6.  Going to be a great show.  I hope to enter a couple…

Been wearing my advertising chair hat.  That’s caught up, yeah!  Circulation for snail mail newsletters is done.  Website is pretty much up to date.  But we had a meeting last night and a few more things to add and tweak.  I’m trying to think what I have been spending my time on….

Yesterday, a good friend of mine and I went to look at tile and granite.  I found some stuff I really like.  All the pieces of the Teal Dragon House re-model are coming together.  Should be ready to show plans to hubby soon.  (he has to SEE it.  IT being everything from paint to hardware.)  My friend is helping with that, too.  You know me, make the decisions as I go along.  Hubby and I are NOT 2 peas in a pod.

oh yea, how could I forget…Letters to sellers for my real estate agents.  My brain just does not work like it used to.  Seems to take longer for me to get these done.  I work with 3 really good agents, so if you by chance need one, I know people!

Then there are the chores of owning a home and having a family.  My meals have been pretty tasty.  Last night, not so much.  Crock Pot Chicken, tasted good, but was so dry.  But wasn’t home long enough to roast it.  It will make good filler for arapas! (not sure if I spelled that right)

God Bless and thank you for reading my ramblings!


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