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Five Days In

on January 5, 2017

I missed a day of blogging, but I’m right back on that horse.  Tuesday night I was working quick as I could to get Pa-Tune-ya ready for bee.  She’s quilted and impressed everyone. 🙂

Laid out ready for embellishing

Laid out ready for embellishing

I don’t have a pic of her done, at least not on my computer.  I will work on that, but I’ll post on Instagram soon.  Last night I worked on the binding and the label.  So she’s ready for our next road trip.  Still have to thread the needles.

Someone was wondering how my room would look after my first project.  Well, I consider Pa-Tune-ya the first one of the year and my room is looking pretty good…

Cutting Table…Clean

Cutting Table…Clean

Cutting Table was cleared before bedtime.  That wasn’t really too challenging.  The room is next for the de-clutter, which is challenging, because the furniture you see goes in the master, which will be the first to room to paint after the bathrooms are done.  I pulled the furniture out of the master in prep of cleaning the carpets, then decided to remodel….so nothing is where it should be, well almost nothing….

My studio is still looking pretty good.  The sewing station and desk are clear.

Sewing Station ready for sit down and sew.

Sewing Station ready for sit down and sew.

I did sit down and sew for 15 minutes this morning.  I’m really wanting to finish the top I’ m working on, but I’m trying to just work on it for 15 minutes at a time.  Thank you Debbie Caffrey.  Her Power Cutting Too Class was the best.  My accuracy has increased by following her directions.

Desk is ready for work!

Desk is ready for work!

My desk, which also acts as a table top for stuff is ready for me to sit down and work.  This is where I write my posts and work on real estate stuff from the agents I assist.  Not the best set up, but it works.

Ironing Station and Fabric Storage

Ironing Station and Fabric Storage

The Fabric Storage top is the messiest part of my space.  I worked on that label last night and didn’t pick up my toys.  It will be done.

I worked on my Spanish last night before bed.  DuoLingo is great.  I use it on my iPad and each lesson takes maybe 5 minutes, so instead of playing BubbleWitch or some sort of Find Hidden Objects game, I play DuoLingo!  You know it helped a little with the plumbers that did the manual labor, between their English and my Spanish, we communicated decent.  They seemed tickled that I tried to speak Spanish.  Then I think maybe they pretended to understand?  Oh well.  I will only get better with practice!

Haven’t missed a walk with Freckles.  I have some things to put on the guild website and hope to get it done before bed tonight.  A friend keeps telling me to take just two or three of these goals and work on them.  I understand.  I’m tempted, but which ones do I choose?  I look at them and see I do a lot of it anyway, just timing needs to improve.  Follow thru needs to happen.  The only one that takes a chunk of time is the 4 hours of sewing, and if I am successful with this, then I will succeed with all my sewing goals.  If I succeed with all my sewing goals, chances are I’m sewing 4 hours a day or more.  So, I’m going to keep going with my plan and always be kind to me when I reflect on my progress.

God Bless!


3 responses to “Five Days In

  1. Your enthusiasm is so inspiring, and your de-cluttering. It’s amazing what some good containers can accomplish in a space.
    Are the fabrics in Pa Tune Ya from specific projects or nostalgic clothing, etc?

    • Teal Dragon says:

      Thank you. My Bee friends benefitted from some good empty containers! I had a huge stack. Floor to ceiling, I kid you not. The fabric in Pa Tune ya is what I like. There is a piece that has an orchestra printed on it., The Cow’s body is music keyboard fabric, then I used beachy inspired fabric for the water and beach. I cut out fish and dolphin and then appliquéd them on to the back ground. I found fabric with a printed piano and violin in my stash when I was de-cluttering, so of course they had to go on there. haha! I’ve had the Stanley Cup Patch for years and didn’t know what to do with it, so of course Pa Tune Ya’s like me and loves hockey. I made the dragon with Angelina fibers. That was fun! I still have her ear rings to do. Of course they will be a pretty shiny teal! Probably more than you wanted to know, but thanks for asking!

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