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TAB 100 Posts!

on February 25, 2016

There is a WordPress App on my phone.  Wordpress is who hosts my blog and website.  Right now it’s free, which is great.  They have a payed version that has a lot more bells and whistles, but right now what I have is enough.  I got the app because I wanted to be able to write posts when I am on the road, like when I am playing a gig.  Between rehearsals or rehearsal and concert, is a little down time that would be perfect for this.  ANYWAY, when I was playing around with it I discovered I had reached the 100 post mark!  This goes back to when I first started blogging.

I went down a rabbit hole reading my first posts….They started back in November 2010.  The first one was “Hello World”.  There was no “hello” back. haha!  I was still in Real Estate, which got me blogging in the first place.  All the “gurus” were saying, blog, it will bring you clients.  Yea, right.  But one woman I talked to that is a computer genius and uses her knowledge to help real estate agents described it “Blogging is your brain on the internet.”  So that’s pretty much what I did and what I do.  Write what my brain happens to be thinking….

This week has been busy as usual, but I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.  I’m getting a lot done, taxes, house, guild, some quilting, practice, but my goals don’t seem to be getting closer to being done.  Also, I’ve had a very minor setback.  I thought I had ALL my ufo’s cataloged, but I forgot about the ones that I have had out, that were in the mix for completing before I got started cataloging.  I think it’s less than 20, maybe even less than 10, but it seems to be a brick wall.

Well, I know what to do with a brick wall that gets in my way.  I’ve been doing that with my violin and piano practice for years, you keep your head down and keep working.  Eventually, you will knock a hole in that wall and it will crumble!

The goals that are going well are the UFO’s and the Guild, and the promised quilts.  The ones that are going so-so are the Business Plan, Brigetta and Health.

Business Plan:  I am blogging 5 days a week, (barely), NO videos, in fact I’m taking that out, maybe next year I’ll try videos, I NEVER hand out business cards.  Don’t know why, it just seems such a waste?  I mean, what do YOU do with a business card that someone hands you?  Maybe you keep it, maybe you use it, but most likely it goes into a card holder never to be seen again?  Or am I different from everyone.  I’ve gotten to where I just toss them, sad I know.  But unless I request their card, I have no need….and it’s just another piece of paper I have to deal with.  So maybe I should take that one out of my goals, too….4 hours a day on sewing?  Not even close.  You may be sick of me whining about this one.  I do sew what I need to sew when I need to sew.  Maybe a step in the right direction?  Planning and working my business for an hour every day? Ha!  Maybe I should do a 15 minute thing with this.  I’ll let you know that goes.

Brigetta:  I have incorporated learning my machine into my blog.  And that is going very well, but it’s like the new band director that stays one lesson ahead of his students!  boy do I remember THOSE days.  Another activity for the 15 minute plan?

Health:  I have lost a few pounds, I’ve reached a mark, but I seem to be stuck….I have started swimming and love it.  I go on days that I don’t have another morning activity.  Haven’t taken my blood pressure, but when I went to the eye doctor, no one said anything about high blood pressure.  Usually, I’m asked “do you take medicine for high blood pressure?”…I do walk Freckles almost everyday.  I do my stretches and core exercises every morning.  So maybe this is a good one really.  Why is it I am so concerned about the actual pounds?

The ones not doing well are music and Learning Spanish.  I’m wanting to do a program that will help me perform better as a soloist, at least that’s what I’m hoping.  I want to be able to play my violin when asked by friends, instead of cringing and saying, I don’t do that.  But the first step is make a video of me playing for someone else.  Talk about a wall.  It really seems insurmountable.  It’s like who wants to hear me play for 10 minutes while I record it?  First response is my husband, but then you don’t know the love of my life, he’s a lot of things that are good, but I would not describe him as actively supportive of my goals.  He would try to find a “better” way…Which  brings me to Spanish, a pipe dream maybe?  I don’t need to speak and understand 2 languages.  English has served me well, but I just like the idea of being bilingual.

So that’s where I stand.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  Now, I need to take these goals to heart and recommit to make them happen.  I have a lot of good happening and we are only in the 2nd month, and I’m still trying.  Haven’t given up on reaching these goals.  Writing about the not so good ones has helped me realize that I am progressing.  So onward to another good month!  Thanks for reading to the end.

I hope you are achieving your goals!  God Bless!


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