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TFK Bernina Buttons

on February 2, 2016

Moving right along, we are in Workbook 2.  Does anyone else feel like, uh?  I feel like I’m missing an important element with these workbooks.  Anyways….

Decorative Stitching.  If you have a sewing machine, chances are you at least have a zig zag stitch.  Zig Zag stitch is considered a decorative stitch.  Most of us have several decorative stitches that NEVER get used.  I have an idea, well a friend had an idea that she shared at one retreat.  Click HERE for her website.  It’s been so long ago, she probably does not remember she shared.  On a baby quilt, sew the binding onto the back of the quilt instead of the front.  Bring the binding to the front and use a decorative stitch to sew it down.  Baby Quilt, DONE and you get to try out a decorative stitch!  Just make sure you are using the correct foot!

When I was working on the next assignment, Securing Function, I realized I don’t know what all the buttons do on the front of my machine…

Function Buttons Start_Stop_Reverse Functions Right Side Speed Control Page 3




I started playing with my buttons.  The speed control is the slide button (pictured above, 4th pic).  Move it left and speed slows to a crawl.  Move it right and speed gets faster.  All the way to the right? ummm, not me.

The first picture above shows the black buttons on the left side of the machine.  They are below the speed control.

6 buttons on left side of machine

6 buttons on left side of machine

The top button on the left is the needle threader. (great little gadget).  Top right is pattern end.(more on this one later).  Center Left is the needle up/down.(It moves the needle into the up, out of fabric or down into fabric position.)  Center right, there it is the securing function button!(we’ll get to it in a minute.)  Bottom left is the presser foot up/down.  And last, on bottom right, is the button that will cut the threads.  I love this button when I’m doing a binding and making that corner…

Start/Stop and reverse

Start/Stop and reverse

To the right of the black buttons are these two buttons.  The one that is back lit green is what I called the no foot pedal button.  Bernina calls it the Start/Stop Button.  Press and hold, machine starts sewing.  Press again and machine stops.  Below it is the reverse button.  I think it does something else, but haven’t run across it yet….Hold this button while pressing the foot pedal and machine sews in reverse.

Stitch Width, Stitch Length and needle position.

Stitch Width, Stitch Length and needle position.


On the right side of the machine are the nobs.  The top one is the stitch width and the bottom one is the stitch length.  The two buttons below with a left arrow and a right arrow are the buttons that control the needle position.  Left button move needle left, right button move needle right.

To the left of those nobs are the screen buttons.  These buttons control what you see on the screen.  The ones to the right of the screen, the black ones, I haven’t looked into very much.  The ones ON the screen and blue are the stitches.  We’ve talked about these a little.  Families of stitches, straight, the wiggly is the decorative, the “A” is the alphabet, below that is the button hole, the heart is where you can store your FAVORITE stitches, and below that is the history of stitches.  It keeps the last different 24 stitches.

Now that we’ve covered the buttons on the machine, next time we will start with the securing function and take those buttons for a spin!

God Bless!


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