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WAYWO Batik Challenge

on January 27, 2016
Bee Challenge from a ripping party!

Bee Challenge from a ripping party!

This is a Batik Challenge that my bee did, or is doing.  It’s due in March.  I’m as pleased as punch it is this far along!  I’ve kind of nicknamed myself “Procrastinating Mary”.  Well, that is a-changing!

Last November, we each brought a yard of batik.  I went off and forgot mine, and my good friend, Jane came to the rescue!  God bless her.  Anyway, we fold in half, snip and then rip. Drop one half and pass the other to our right.  Then take the piece you get, fold in half, snip and rip.  Drop one piece and pass the other.  This goes on until you have just a small rectangle of fabric.

Our challenge is to make a baby quilt at least 36″ x 36″ with this fabric.  I went to Pinterest and looked at different quilts.  I was looking for simple blocks and I’m sorry I don’t remember what I searched.  But I saw this red and white “brick” quilt.  So I based my design on that picture.  Pinterest is a great place for ideas, but it’s a rabbit hole I try to avoid.  I get lost in the computer already.

This little top is 36 1/2″ x 36 1/2″.  I am happy it came out right!  Maybe my 1/4″ is FINALLY becoming consistant.  I had to focus on it, but it usually doesn’t come out so even….The top is also very flat, which hasn’t happened before.  My seams are straight!  My sewing is improving.  I’m hoping yours will too,(if you need it to).

Now all I need is a small border.  I’m thinking a finished 3″ purple border and yellow piping will work nicely.

Purple border and yellow piping

Purple border and yellow piping

I’ve done piping before and I know a few tips.  Pin, Pin, Pin, did I say Pin?  It is so easy for the little piping to slide away from the needle.  I thought about mitering, but, nah.  I’m trying to be simple.  I used a yellow cornerstone, same as fabric as the piping, but I didn’t want the piping to cross.  I sewed the left and right borders with the piping, and pressed.  Looked good, sorry, no pic.  I lined up the purple border and the piping like I was going to sew on top, then added the corner stone and sewed a seam.  It worked!  Piping and seam on correct sides.  Now the other side,  Me and figuring, not so good.  Earlier, I had been working on Shoe Box Challenge and it was a challenge…nothing seemed to work, cut wrong fabric with wrong template….didn’t come out the right size….you get the idea.  Sure enough, I measured, I subtracted the cornerstones, I added the quarter inch, the other side did not match up with the top.  AARGH!  Well my handy dandy little ripper ripped that seam and I eye-balled it.  Lined the border up with the top.  Where cornerstone started, I cut border 1/4″ inch longer.  Lined up the piping, added the cornerstone and sewed the seam.  Right there at the machine.  Should have taken some pictures…Worked out PERFECT!

Top with cornerstone and piping

Top with cornerstone and piping

Yesterday, I also got the first Birthday Block done that is due February 3!  Today, I’m hoping to get this top and one other basted, and if I’m lucky the blocks for my bee’s 2017 Auction Quilt for our Guild’s Quilt show….Did someone say Procrastinate?  NOT ME!!!!


Don’t you just LOVE the process of quilting?


God Bless!


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