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WAYWO Mock Mola Applique

on January 20, 2016
Tiki Dreaming

Tiki Dreaming

A class with Cathy Miller taken in November, 2015.  It’s almost done.  It just needs quilting and binding, and it will hang on my studio wall.  The class was a blast and it was enlightening talking with another quilter/musician.  I am a violinist, have been since I was 10.  That’s all I wanted to do, was play my violin.  There was this confidence thing that I still struggle to overcome, and the teachers wouldn’t let me, or strongly discouraged a degree in Performance.  I took it as a subtle hint I wasn’t good enough.  My quilts are good enough.  I’ve never worried that they are not perfect.  I will, like most of us point out my mistakes, to fellow quilters.  But the fact that it’s there does not really “bother” me.  Have I told you I love to quilt!  I love to play my violin, too, but it’s a tedious process of playing slowly and working up the tempo, playing it 3 to 6 times with out a mistake.  Just ask my husband, it’s painstaking!  And then I reach that wall, where I just can’t seem to go any faster, but yikes!  The performance tempo must be faster.  So, I slow it back down and start again.  Most of the time, I have to wing it, fake it, because there is not enough time to do all this.  But in the end, the performance goes well, and I along with everyone else am happy.

Quilting is completely different.  I mess up, I fudge and I keep going.  Onto the next project.  On my galloping horse everything looks lovely.  I have not figured out why I approach my two arts so differently. But I am starting to accept less than perfection in my performance and also starting to strive for accuracy in my quilting.  Maybe this journey will lead me to the happy middle in both my arts!

Echo Quilting and Waves are the quilt plan

Echo Quilting and Waves are the quilt plan

The quilting in the mock mola is going to be echoing the shapes and waves in the borders.  Hoping to have it done by week’s end, at least the quilting!

What are you working on and if it’s not perfect, does it drive you crazy?

God Bless!


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