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Take a Breath Thursday!

on January 7, 2016

Whew!  I feel like I’m in a whirlwind.  Originally I was calling this post Take Stock Thursday, but I like Take a Breath better.  Seems more appropriate.

In the words of John Lennon, Another year over and a new one just begun.  Since mid December, I have been on a quest to get my blog rolling.  As well as figure out my goals and objectives for 2016.  And since November I have been working on making good habits part of my daily routine.

You know, little things, like make my bed, dressed to the shoes first thing, eating yogurt and grapes instead of yogurt and animal crackers, brushing my puppy, swishing toilets, practicing, and working on my business.  A habit forms in 21 days.  My mornings are pretty much filled.

Part of taking a breath, is seeing how I am doing.  To track the habits is easy.  I put a check mark on the day I did the habits.  Business and Practice are a little more challenging.  But I see the Blog Calendar and Guild Posting Calendar that I created and know I am on track for achieving my business and some Guild goals.  I have my Monday, Tuesday, and Friday posts written for January!  Yea, a little blogging secret there….I’m working on the Wednesday and Thursday posts, today.  But am thinking the Thursday posts need to be “real time”.

So now, the process.  I write, I schedule and I proof.  That is what is in my Outlook Calendar, so that on any day, I can go and see if the post is ready to be published.  And Outlook will give me a reminder.  February, I’ll try to remember to let you know how this goes.  Business goals are going well.

UFO goals are going well, too.  I’ve almost got one done, putting the binding.  The list still needs the UFO’s from Tiki, and my closet, but I have 27 items listed on an Excel spreadsheet.  That’s enough to pick 12. I’ve picked 6 already for a guild challenge.

Guild goals are humming along.  The website is up to date.  I have some planned postings for the FB group and Page.  I have scheduled time to go to the board meeting and the Friday meeting.  Playing in an orchestra, I’m not able to make most evening meetings during the Orchestral season.

Quilts promised goal…no progress.

Charity Quilts, I’m planning on going by the church and delivering the baby quilts I have done and set aside for the Gabriel Project.  (It’s 4)  I know how to do a button hole, so I will complete my snuggler this month for the Gabriel Project.  I have found the tops that need quilting for Comforters and plan to get some of those done by January Bee Meeting to hand off for someone to do the binding.

Brigetta Goal is going very well.  But I may increase my “lessons” to include more than one technique.

Health, I have lost a little weight, I have changed my breakfast to include fruit.  I have started on the habit of stretching and working my core.

Spanish, haven’t started….

I look at this and it seems like I have done a lot, but still have a lot to do.  But if I just keep going, a little every day, I may be surprised by 2017 how much I got done!

How are your resolutions?  It’s only the 7th, still time to jump on and ride this whirlwind!

God Bless.


4 responses to “Take a Breath Thursday!

  1. Take a breath is a good name for your feature ^_^

  2. I got back to Spanish, but I’ve missed a few days. Maybe we can follow one another so we are accountable?

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