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Thirst for Knowledge

on January 5, 2016

Well, my plan didn’t go as planned.  I was supposed to LEARN something as I was getting this post ready. Ha!  Buttonholes.  If you are a seamstress, you most likely can do a buttonhole.  Seamstress I am not.  I took a sewing machine class for my Bernina Quilter’s Edition in the early 2000’s.  We covered buttonholes.  I followed step by step and was able to do a buttonhole.  But then I promptly forgot.  Well, the workbook I’m using leaves a lot to be desired.  I’m hoping the rest of the lessons are not this vague, but I do remember the classes being vague….

I have a UFO that is a snuggler that has buttons.  I need to know how to do a buttonhole.  So I bravely started on my quest for knowledge.  I gathered my supplies.  The orange Perl Cotton I did not use.

6" flannel square 3"x6" light tearaway stabilizer, 3C Bernina buttonhole foot.

6″ flannel square 3″x6″ light tearaway stabilizer, 3C Bernina buttonhole foot.

I had my handy dandy workbook, right?  I read the directions, well scanned, they seemed pretty straight forward.  Press the 6″ square in half.  Insert the stabilizer in the middle.  Then it started talking about drawing lines. (I use the Fons and Porter leaded pencils.)  Draw a line 1 1/2″ from the fold.  Wait, that seems awfully far.  The picture in the book has it closer.  I followed the written words, and yep, it was too far from the fold.  I turn my piece over and start again.

Drawn lines too far from fold

Drawn lines too far from fold

Instructions say to “Select the Standard buttonhole.” ???what’s a standard buttonhole?  “select the “man” function from the function toolbar.” ?? And exactly WHERE would this be located?

I love to push buttons, so I started pushing icons and finally found what I needed.  On the Bernina 880, on the right side of the screen are links to “families” of stitches.  Straight stitch and buttonhole are two such “families”.  When I pushed the buttonhole icon, several buttonhole stitches were displayed.  I chose the first one, thought it might be the standard since it was #1.

Bernina 3C Buttonhole Foot

Bernina 3C Buttonhole Foot

Now with my foot on the machine #3C, I was ready.  After you get your fabric lined up, instructions say to “Engage Step #1.” ???  ok. how?  I notice a flashing icon on my screen.  It’s a picture of the foot free button. (sewing without the pedal).  I press, nothing, so I press and hold.  Cool!  It’s sewing.  I let go the button, it’s still sewing, oh no, it’s going too far!  I push the button and it stops.  I”m having fun now!  I played around with the buttons and tried different ways to sew this button hole.

The first side of the buttonhole, you must manually stop your machine.  On the horizontal lines, the machine will stop itself.  On the right side of the buttonhole you must stop your machine.  I’m guessing this is why it’s called “Manual Buttonholes”,  Duh.

But I got a buttonhole and I hope you have had a few laughs reading this.  Come back next week and check out the Automatic Buttonholes.  (This one sounds a little easier.  Not having to push the button to stop the machine at the right time….)

I did it!

I did it!

God Bless!


One response to “Thirst for Knowledge

  1. Jane plisga says:

    Way to go Mary! I did have a good laugh…..isn’t it sad when we forget how to do something we learned a while ago? 😔

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