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Goals for 2016!

on December 30, 2015

What follows are my goals for 2016.  Please pray for me.  The last time I did something this detailed, I got a staph infection, had 2 surgeries and 6 months of PT.  I still believe it was the devil trying to prevent me from accomplishing a better me.  Why am I making this public?  Maybe I won’t.  It could be an eternal draft.  Accountability.  Recordable.  Not just resolutions that get tossed aside, once life gets in the way.  I want these to be ways I live my life.  This, what is below, is what I want to happen THIS year.  I do not weigh 210 pounds, but by January 2017, I will.  I am not comfortable playing solo violin and piano for others, but by January 2017, I will.  I do not have 50 followers, but by January 2017, I will.  I have a head start, I already have 24!  Almost halfway there and still a year to go!  I have blog posts ready for the new year!  Still have a lot of work to get a month’s worth, but it’s happening!  My spiritual goals are too personal and will not share those.  But I will pray more, love others more, and give of myself, more.

This is a LONG post, thanks for stopping by.  God Bless!

Goals for 2016


I will make a list of my UFO’s.  This list will include UFO’s on Tiki and Houston, and the ones in my sewing closet on the top shelf.  I will choose 12 for 2016.  I will complete 6.  I will continue with this goal until the UFO’s are complete.  I will do my best to complete any projects I start in 2016.  I will sew 4 to 8 hours a day.


The website will be updated in a timely manner.  The new info will go up within a week after the old expires.  Pictures will be uploaded within 2 – 3 days of receipt.  I am proactive in getting info needed for the updates.  The website will be error free.  I have at least one proofer to proof my work.  Each page on the website will be improved with pictures, graphics and colors.

Facebook postings are planned and prepared.  I continue to like and comment on others’ posts.  Facebook Page postings are planned and prepared.  Facebook page postings include info on meetings, workshops, speakers and how to join the guild.

I participate in more activities in the Guild.  Charity Quilt Days, Community Service and Activity Corner.  I attend Friday meetings.

Quilts Promised

I finish the quilts I’ve promised to others.  I make a list of all promised quilts.  The list includes project name, recipient, where I am in the process, what is needed to move forward, and a time frame for completion.

Charity Quilts

I make one charity quilt a month for Comforters.  I give the baby quilts I have to the Gabriel Project and make 6 more.  This is separate from my goal of one per month.  I attend Boll Weevils twice a month and take tops to quilt and put together.  I encourage my bee to reach its goal of 100 quilts for comforters.

Business Plan

I blog 5 days a week.  I post videos.  I have 50 followers.  My website is up to date.  I pass out business cards to everyone I meet.  I sew 4 hours a day.  I devote an hour a day to planning and working my business.


I know how to use my Bernina 880 and her accessories.  I know how to embroider, oil, and clean my machine.  I know and use the different features, I understand and use Corel Draw.  I incorporate learning the machine and software into my blog.


I play my violin/piano confidently for others.  Any solos are played clear and strong.  I complete the Practice Hack course.  I practice violin and piano 4 to 5 times a week.  I play in a quartet.  My bow hold and violin hold are relaxed.


I am healthy.  I weigh 210 pounds.  I make healthy eating decisions.  I combine a carb and protein.  My portion sizes are the “suggested” portion sizes.  I cook healthy and tasty meals.  I swim 5 times a week.  I walk Freckles every day.  I do my core and stretch exercises every day.  My core is strong and I am limber.


I speak and read Spanish.  I work with Duolingo 15 minutes a day, 5 times a week.


2 responses to “Goals for 2016!

  1. I’m touched by your openness. I’ve been neglecting looking honestly at my goals even in private. I’m inspired. Here’s to a good year and thank you. Stay healthy most of all, okay? p.s. I have neglected Duolingo for a few months so that sealed the deal on my goals. Nice post!

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