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So much to do!

on November 17, 2010

Today, Freckles (my puppy) and I did the loops in our neighborhood, twice.  He is one tired pup!  I am feeling more confident on the bike.  So maybe there is hope for me, yet.

So I think I got Twitter working, I now have only 2 accounts.  So I still need to delete one.  Ping.fm is still not letting me link to WordPress.  I’ve changed my pw here, so maybe after I log out and come back it will work?

I also have TweetDeck, which I don’t understand quite, yet.  But I’m working with it.  It is a great idea to have all my social networking in one place, so I will persevere.

So I am getting close to my passions which are quilting, fabric, color and playing my violin, not necessarily in that order.  I am reading Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk.  It is so inspiring!  I know I can do this.  Just got to figure out which passion I want to go with.  The violin is out, because I am not the best violinist.  I do well with what I do, but I am not willing to put in the practice needed.

Quilting…I love to quilt.  I love to make quilts for ones I love.  It’s like giving them a permanent hug.  I love getting together with my friends and sewing.  I enjoy going on retreats where quilting is the main focus.

Which brings us to FABRIC!  I have a fabric obsession.  It started at a very young age when my mother would take me to Clothworld to choose fabric for a dress.  Once my quilting studio is ready for pics, I will show my “stash”.  Not as large as some, but plenty to keep me busy.  The thing is there is always NEW fabric, and of course I want it for my stash.  And there we have it.  It’s not cheap and my wonderful husband is not willing to share my obsession:)  So what can I do to make money so I can buy fabric? (and go to retreats, and quilt festivals, and buy a longarm, and an embroider machine?)

The question is, why do I love fabric?  I think it is the color combinations and the feel of the fabric.  If it were just color, I think I would be more in to “Art”, but paintings are nice and I appreciate the talent that creates them, but they don’t speak to my soul like the fabric in a quilt.

This brings us back to music…playing my violin.  People with perfect pitch see music as, guess what…COLOR!  I do not have perfect pitch, but when I hear music I like, it feels like there is something just beyond my reach.

Even after this writing, I still haven’t decided what passion to go with.  I am excited and look forward to writing on this blog and setting up my social networks.  I read other blogs and follow on Twitter and FB.  When Vaynerchuk says that you will look forward to waking up and not want to go to sleep, he is correct!  I think his book gives you a “how to” follow your North Star.(another book I read and will have to look up and post tomorrow.)  I got to go to work to support my obsessions:)

Have a blessed day.  God loves you!


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